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UMUT MARIN SHIPPING SERVICE. TRADE. LTD. ŞTİ. I have read and understood the Information Text presented to me by the (“Company”) under the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“KVKK”).

In the Information Text, I have been informed that the following data may be processed:

  • Identity (name-surname, date of birth, gender, TR ID Number),
  • Contact information (E-mail address, Billing & Delivery Addresses, Mobile Phone Number),
  • Information about the legal process (information in the case file in case of a dispute, warning letters, information in correspondence with judicial and administrative authorities), information about customer transactions (invoice information, request information, order information, customer comments), information about the website (IP Address information,
  • Website login and exit information, password information, traffic data (Connection time/Duration, etc.), unfinished shopping and basket information.

This is my data:

  • Carrying out the necessary work by the Company's business units to enable Personal Data Owners to benefit from the products and services offered;
  • Carrying out operations with Company Business Partners and/or suppliers;
  • Accessing the records of Personal Data Owners created at the Company in their subsequent purchases, similarity of name/surname with this data, etc. Issuing invoices automatically without causing any confusion;
  • Ensuring that customers benefit from general or personalized campaigns regarding the products and services offered for sale through the records created at the company; Delivering campaigns regarding the products and services offered to customers via mail, e-mail, SMS and telephone; Recommending and delivering the products and services offered to Personal Data Owners by customizing them according to the tastes, usage habits and needs of Personal Data Owners; Carrying out the necessary work to recommend and deliver catalogs and campaigns to customers, taking into account the continuity and continuity of customers' use of the Company's products and services; in the purchasing and after-sales processes of the products and services offered and in new purchases; modifying the purchased products and services in accordance with the needs and uses of the customers, responding to complaints or review requests regarding the purchased products and services and informing the customers on this matter; Carrying out one-to-one or integrated marketing activities, sales and after-sales operations and purchasing operations;
  • Fulfilling obligations and taking necessary measures within the framework of occupational health and safety in order to carry out the company's human resources policies;
  • Ensuring the legal and commercial security of the Company and people who have business relations with the Company
  • Conducting and managing administrative and legal procedures regarding communication carried out by the Company, as well as activities and financial affairs processes aimed at ensuring the physical security and control of the Company's locations; And
  • In line with the purpose of determining and implementing the Company's commercial and business strategies, the Company carries out and manages internal system and application management operations, communication, market research and social responsibility activities, financial operations and product/project/manufacturing/investment quality processes; planning and/or execution of customer relationship management processes, including the planning and/or execution of customer satisfaction activities; In this regard, reaching customers by mail, e-mail, SMS and telephone; Communicating with Personal Data Owners who submit their requests and complaints to the Company and ensuring the tracking and management of requests and complaints; creating and tracking visitor records, carrying out advertising/campaign/promotion processes and communication activities (including sending promotional products, sending products to the winners of competitions) and in this context, electronic commercial messages (telephone, SMS, MMS, e-mail (printed) or other forms) ensuring delivery

It has been stated to me that it is processed for the following purposes.

I accept the processing of my personal data by the Company for these purposes.

For the above-mentioned purposes, the Company may transfer my personal data (special and non-specialized) at home or abroad, based on my explicit consent in cases that are not based on the legal reasons specified in Article 5 of the Personal Data Protection Law; Companies that cooperate and/or receive services, consultancy firms that receive support in sales, marketing, customer relations, law, accounting and similar fields, and third parties that provide support in sales, marketing and software issues related to the Company's activities (SMS and e-mail). I accept that my submission may be shared and/or made accessible to such persons as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), advertising and public relations and cloud computing, backup, software support companies, etc. I declare that the Company has informed me about my rights regarding the processing of my personal data and that I have read and understood my rights.