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UMUT MARIN SHIPPING SERVICE. TRADE. LTD. ŞTİ. ( "Umut Marin Denizcilik" or "Company "), ensuring the privacy and security of your personal data is our first priority. This privacy policy (“ Privacy Policy ”) has been prepared to inform you about (i) your personal data we process, (ii) the purposes of our data collection and (iii) your rights regarding your data through (“ Site ”). Persons using the site are subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time of their use. For this reason, you should review the terms in the Privacy Policy each time you use the Site, and if you do not accept the Privacy Policy, you should not use our website.

The personal information you provide to us will be processed and recorded in a file under the responsibility of the Company and for the purposes stated in the Information Text below.


This Information Text; It was written by Umut Marin Denizcilik, acting as the data controller, in order to make explanations and inform our Company's customers/users regarding the processing of Personal Data of all persons associated with our Company, including those who benefit from our products and services, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698. You can access detailed information about the processing of your Personal Data you share with our company from the Policy on Processing and Protection of Personal Data on the website .

  1. Processed Personal Data :
  1. Identity Information (Name-Surname, Date of Birth, Gender, TR ID Number)
  2. Contact Information (E-Mail Address, Billing & Delivery Addresses, Mobile Phone Number)
  3. Information Regarding the Legal Process (Information in the Case File in Case of a Dispute, Warning Letters, Information in Correspondence with Judicial and Administrative Authorities)
  4. Information on Customer Transactions (Invoice Information, Request Information, Order Information, Customer Comments)
  5. Information about the Website (IP Address Information, Website Login and Exit Information, User Name Information, Password Information, Traffic Data (Connection Time / Duration, etc.), incomplete cart information
  6. Purpose of Processing Personal Data :

Within the scope of your legal relationship with our company; The Personal Data you have shared may be processed by our Company in accordance with the law and the purpose of the Personal Data Protection Law and the processing purposes listed below. In this regard, our Company's business units carry out the necessary work to benefit Personal Data Owners from the products and services offered by our Company; Carrying out operations with our Company's Business Partners and/or suppliers; Accessing the records of Personal Data Owners created at our Company in their subsequent purchases, similarity of name/surname with this data, etc. Issuing invoices automatically without causing any confusion; Ensuring that customers benefit from general or personalized campaigns regarding the products and services offered for sale through the records created with our company; Delivering campaigns regarding the products and services offered to customers via mail, e-mail, SMS and telephone; Recommending and delivering the products and services offered to Personal Data Owners by customizing them according to the tastes, usage habits and needs of Personal Data Owners; Carrying out the necessary work to propose and deliver catalogs and campaigns to customers, taking into account the continuity and continuity of customers' use of our Company's products and services; in the purchasing and after-sales processes of the products and services offered and in new purchases; modifying the purchased products and services in accordance with the needs and uses of the customers, responding to complaints or review requests regarding the purchased products and services and informing the customers on this matter; Carrying out one-to-one or integrated marketing activities, sales and after-sales operations and purchasing operations; Fulfilling obligations and taking necessary measures within the framework of occupational health and safety in order to carry out our company's human resources policies; In order to ensure the legal and commercial security of our Company and the people who have business relations with our Company; Conducting and managing administrative and legal procedures regarding communication carried out by our Company, as well as activities and financial affairs processes aimed at ensuring the physical security and control of our Company's locations; In line with the purpose of determining and implementing our Company's commercial and business strategies, our Company carries out and manages internal system and application management operations, communication, market research and social responsibility activities, financial operations and product/project/manufacturing/investment quality processes; planning and/or execution of customer relationship management processes, including the planning and/or execution of customer satisfaction activities; In this regard, reaching customers by mail, e-mail, SMS and telephone; Communicating with Personal Data Owners who submit their requests and complaints to our company and ensuring the tracking and management of requests and complaints; creating and tracking visitor records and carrying out advertising/campaign/promotion processes and communication activities (including sending promotional products, sending products to the winners of competitions) and in this context, electronic commercial messages (telephone, SMS, MMS, e-mail (printed) or other forms) It processes Personal Data within the scope of the Personal Data Processing conditions specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Personal Data Protection Law, limited to the purposes of ensuring the transmission.

  1. Personal Data Collection Methods and Cookies

We process the personal data of our customers who use our site in accordance with the provisions of the legislation., owned by our company, is a site that uses cookies. Cookies, also known as "http cookies", refer to a system used on websites. Cookies refer to small data saved by the internet browser on the computers of people using the website. Thanks to this data, information such as items added to the shopping cart and pages clicked are recorded. On our site, in order to provide better service to our customers, your navigation information is collected, processed, shared with third parties and stored securely, in accordance with this Information Text and limited to the purpose, scope and methods herein. cookies; It stores your files created at the time of use and/or the information it collects through third-party sources in order to determine your preferences and provide you with a suitable service. in order to promote you individually, offer special offers, configure the design of the website uniquely for you and/or highlight your requests; may track your browsing information and/or usage history on the site. can match your collected information in environments with and without internet connection and use this information together with information obtained from other sources such as third parties.

Our site also uses session ID cookies. The session ID cookie is automatically closed when you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain on your hard disk for a long time. You can remove persistent cookies and reject both session cookies and persistent cookies by following the instructions provided in the "help" file of your internet browser or by visiting "" or "". If you reject persistent cookies or session cookies, you can continue to use the website or mobile application, but you may not be able to access all functions of the website or your access may be limited.

The following methods can be used in different browsers to reject cookies:

Google Chrome

You can allow or block cookies from the "cookies" tab by clicking the "lock sign" in the address section of your browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Click the "open menu" tab in the upper right corner of your browser. You can manage cookies using the "Privacy and Security" button by clicking on the "Options" image.

Internet Explorer

You can manage cookies by clicking "allow" or "don't allow" by clicking the security tab in the "Tools" section at the top right of your browser.


You can select the "safari" tab from the "Settings" section of your phone and manage all your cookies from the "Privacy and Security" section.


You can manage cookies from the "cookies" section by selecting "Advanced" in the "Preferences" section of your browser.

In addition to the above options; To have information about all cookies and cookie management: You can visit,, or use the "Privacy Badger" application (https://www.eff .org/tr/privacybadger). If you reject persistent cookies or session cookies, you can continue to use the website, mobile application and mobile site, but you may not be able to access all functions of the website, mobile application and mobile site, or your access may be limited.

Our site also provides services by utilizing the infrastructure of (“ Shopify ”). For this reason, there are certain cookies on our site.

Some Shopify cookies are used to help you navigate our site, benefit from its features and access certain secure sections. The use of these cookies is mandatory for the functioning of the website. For example, our user login cookies operate throughout the user's time on the website and track the user's actions when filling out forms on many pages.

Some of Shopify cookies are also functional and remember the preferences made by users and the information they provide. Some examples of these are; username, language and region. This allows us to shape our website according to users' preferences. For example, verification cookies that are functional throughout the time spent on the website (or persistent cookies if you use the "remember me" feature) enable users to verify themselves on subsequent visits or to access content that requires verification between pages. Our functional cookies include:

  • User-centric security cookies used to detect authentication violations over a limited period of time, such as repeated failed login attempts. These cookies are specifically set to ensure the security of the service.
  • Multimedia content player session cookies (flash cookies) used to store technical data necessary for the playback of video or audio content during a session (e.g. image quality, internet link speed and buffering parameters).
  • Load balancing session cookies used to detect the same server in the pool for the duration of the session so that the load balancer can route user requests appropriately
  • Persistent cookies for user interface customization to save the user's preferences for a service across websites.

Shopify is focused on improving the user experience and uses a host of tools to enhance the site and its commerce platform. For this purpose, reporting and analytics cookies are used to collect information about how you use Shopify or the stores of sellers serving under the system, such as Occleus. These cookies collect information for statistical purposes only and work with pseudonymous cookie identifiers that cannot directly identify you. Performance cookies used include:

  • First party analytics cookies – These cookies are used to determine the total number of unique visitors, to improve the stores they serve under such as Shopify and Occleus, and to determine the most searched words that refer to a page in search engines. These cookies are not used to target you with online marketing. Shopify uses these cookies to learn how its site and the websites it serves under, such as Occleus, work and to ensure that additions are made to improve your browsing experience.
  • Third party analytics cookies – Shopify also uses Google Analytics and other third party analytics providers listed below to measure how users interact with Shopify's content. These cookies “remember” what Shopify users have done on previous pages and actions they have taken on the Shopify and Occleus site. To get more information about Google Analytics, you can visit Google's information page . You can use the information below for instructions on how to opt out of Google Analytics.

Finally, Social and Content cookies are set by multiple social media plugins (e.g. the Facebook 'like' button) and other tools used to enhance content (e.g. services that enable playback of video files or create comment sections). Shopify and Occleus use these modules to improve the browsing experience on their platform and interaction with the website. Some of these third-party services also set cookies that are used for purposes such as behavioral marketing, analytics and/or market research.

The following cookies are used in Occleus, originating from the Shopify infrastructure:

Necessary Cookies for the Store to Work :




It is used in connection with admin access.


It is used in connection with providing navigation in the store.


It is used in conjunction with the shopping cart.


It is used in conjunction with the shopping cart.


It is used in connection with the payment screen.


It is used in connection with the payment screen.


It is used in conjunction with the shopping cart.


It is used in connection with the payment screen.


It is used in connection with the payment screen.


It is used in connection with providing navigation in the store.


It is used in connection with store member login.


It is used in connection with the payment screen.


It is used in connection with the payment screen.


It is used in connection with the payment screen.


It is used in connection with the payment screen.


It is used in connection with customer login.


It is used in connection with customer login.


It is used in connection with the payment screen.


It is used to manage customer settings.


It is used to manage customer settings.


It is used to manage customer settings.


It is used to facilitate updating customer account information.


It follows preferences.


It is used in connection with the payment screen.

Reporting and Analytics Cookies




Monitoring of the login page.


Monitoring of the login page.


Shopify analytics


Shopify analytics


Shopify analytics


Shopify analytics


Shopify analytics on marketing and referral


Shopify analytics on marketing and referral


Shopify analytics


Shopify analytics

Other Cookies 

Third Party


Privacy Policy

Bing Ads

We use Bing Ads to serve targeted advertising to visitors to our website.


We use Facebook Custom Audiences, Facebook Business, Facebook Pixels and Facebook Shop to serve targeted ads to people who visit our website.


We use Google Merchant Center, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads for advertising, data control, analysis and reporting.


We use Instagram with Facebook infrastructure to create targeted advertising and as Instagram Shop.


How long do cookies stay on a computer or mobile device?

The length of time a cookie remains on your computer or mobile device varies depending on whether it is "persistent" or "session-based". Session cookies persist until you end your browsing, and persistent cookies disappear when they expire or are deleted. The majority of the cookies we use are persistent cookies, which expire or are deleted within 30 minutes to two years after they are downloaded to your device. In the section below you can learn how to control cookies and delete them before they expire.

How can cookies be controlled?

You can control and manage cookies in many ways. Please note that removing cookies may negatively impact your member experience and may prevent you from accessing some parts of our website entirely.

Many browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can directly choose whether to accept cookies. We recommend that you review the information we provided in Article 3 on this subject.

You can also exercise your right to opt out of some of the advertising systems used on the Site from the Digital Advertising Alliance's advertising system on this page:

  1. To whom and for what purpose personal data may be transferred :

To ensure that the establishment purposes of the business partnership established for purposes such as carrying out various projects and receiving services while our Company carries out its commercial activities are fulfilled within the scope of the Personal Data Transfer conditions specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Personal Data Protection Law; To carry out activities carried out within the scope of legislation, event management and corporate communication processes; designing strategies for commercial activities and ensuring their management and supervision at the highest level; Modifying products to suit customers' needs and uses, in line with their demands, during and after sales; may transfer Personal Data to Company Business Partners, Company Stakeholders, Company Officials and/or third parties/organizations designated by them, for the purposes of notifying customers of campaigns via mail, e-mail and/or SMS, telephone, and printing and delivering catalogues. In addition, in cases where it is requested by relevant public institutions and organizations within their legal authority and by relevant private legal entities within their legal authority in accordance with the provisions of the legislation; Our company may transfer Personal Data to legally authorized Public Institutions and Organizations, legally authorized Private Legal Persons and/or third parties/organizations designated by them.

If the processing activities carried out for the aforementioned purposes do not meet any of the exceptions stipulated under the Law, our Company obtains your explicit consent regarding the relevant processing process.

  1. Legal Reasons for Our Personal Data Collection :

Your personal data is processed by the Company in order to achieve the purposes listed in Article 2, as specified in Article 5 of the Personal Data Protection Law:

  • It is clearly stipulated in the law,
  • It is necessary to process personal data of the parties to the contract, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract,
  • It is mandatory for the data controller to fulfill its legal obligation and
  • Provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person concerned, data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller, depending on the legal reasons.
  1. Rights of the Personal Data Owner Under the Personal Data Protection Law:

Our company informs you of your rights as a Personal Data Owner in accordance with Article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Law; It provides guidance on how to use these rights and carries out the necessary internal functioning, administrative and technical arrangements for all these. Our company provides personal data to the persons whose personal data is collected in accordance with Article 11 of the Law; Learning whether Personal Data has been processed, requesting information if Personal Data has been processed, learning the purpose of processing Personal Data and whether they are used for their intended purpose, requesting information if Personal Data has been processed domestically and abroad, in case Personal Data has been processed incompletely or incorrectly. to request their correction, to request the deletion or destruction of Personal Data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the Personal Data Protection Law, to notify the third party to whom Personal Data is transferred, of the transactions carried out in accordance with paragraphs (d) and (e) of Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law. It informs that the person has the right to request, to object to the emergence of a result against himself/herself by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automatic systems, and to request compensation for the damage in case of damage due to the unlawful processing of Personal Data.

Personal Data Owners will be able to submit their requests regarding their rights to our Company, free of charge, by filling out and signing the Application Form in the Annex, with information and documents that will identify them, and by the methods specified below or other methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Board:

  • The form must be filled out and the signed copy must be sent by hand, through a notary or by registered letter to Evliya Çeleb Mh. Gençosman Cd. Forwarding to No:34-A Tuzla/Istanbul,
  • Signing the form with the secure electronic signature issued within the scope of the Electronic Signature Law No. 5070 and sending it via registered e-mail to d ,
  • Following a method prescribed/to be prescribed by the Personal Data Protection Board.
In order for third parties to request an application on behalf of Personal Data Owners, the Personal Data Owner must have a special power of attorney issued through a notary on behalf of the person who will apply. Our company will finalize the request free of charge as soon as possible, within 30 (thirty) days at the latest, depending on the nature of the request. However, if the transaction requires an additional cost, our Company reserves the right to charge a fee based on the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.